The Brand

Light Up Your Life
Fashion Line

Starting a Brand

Mika Newton is expanding her brand beyond music, into her own line of shirts, accessories, jackets, footwear and more. Mika’s “Light Up Your Life” collection aims to give her fans a pinch of excitement to match with her eclectic musical aesthetic.

Life and Passion

A longtime artist, Mika decided to channel her talents by designing every piece in the growing collection. According to Mika, her music is her life, but her drawings and paintings are her biggest passions. Mika has been drawing since she was a little girl, she still loves creating the same fantastic creatures she imagined as a child.

Design inspiration

The items showcase Mika’s fun and playful style, and are meant to speak for all her fans who like to take risks and use clothing as a form of expression. Filled with bright colors, and designs like cartoon mice and dogs, flying hearts, and keys, each of her pieces has its own special touch and is inspired by the young trendy people that are not afraid to showcase their personality to the world.

First Collection

“Light Up Your Life,” is meant to project joy and color into your wardrobe and be an outlet for the fashion maven who likes to stay on trend, but is not scared to mix it up from time to time.